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“Dukunde Kawa” means “Those who love coffee”.

The Dukunde Kawa cooperative, founded in 2003 in the Northern Province of Rwanda near the village of Musasa, now has almost 2000 producer members. Most of them are very small producers with an average of 250 or 300 coffee trees each. The Dukunde cooperative allows them to have their cherries processed in a central location, and their remuneration has almost doubled since it was founded.

The cooperative has 4 washing stations and offers impressively meticulous preparation methods. The cherries are all harvested by hand, pulped the same day and sorted into 3 grades.

In addition to its outstanding coffee production, Dukunde Kawa is also committed to helping the community. Programmes have been set up to help the producers’ families pay their children’s school and medical fees.

Organically grown coffee

The storie

Created in 2003, the Dukunde Kawa cooperative now has nearly 2000 farmers, 80% of whom are women. Its method of agriculture is organic and people-oriented, which has earned it fair trade and organic certifications. Almost 2/3 of the coffees harvested by the cooperative are gathered by women.

This is why they have joined together to learn how to improve the quality of the coffee. These groups also work on improving self-confidence and on the place of women in the community.

In addition, the association contributes to school fees and healthcare costs for the producers’ children. The cooperative encourages the women to find additional sources of income to be more independent, such as sewing.

The quality of their work has enabled them to earn a better income and invest in their cooperative to improve it.

The region

The Northern Province is made up of rich volcanic soil, which makes the region very suitable for growing coffee.

The cherries of this region have an unequalled sweetness thanks to the cool climate and fertile soil.

Country: Rwanda
Terroir: Mbilima, Dukunde Kawa
Altitude: 2000m – 2200m
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural

Aromatic profile

Rwanda is a sweet, fruity specialty coffee with gourmet notes of fresh almonds, apricots and honey.


Intensity: 2/5

Acidity: 3/5

Cupping notes




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