What is a speciality coffee?

Speciality coffee

Speciality coffee is a premium-quality coffee that guarantees full traceability.

Produced in small quantities, speciality coffee represents about 1% of global production.

A speciality coffee is a coffee scoring 80 points or more on the 100-point standardised scale used by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). The evaluation is carried out by a Q-Grader, a coffee expert specialising in tasting, grading and evaluating coffees.


The SCA is an international association which aims to constantly improve the quality of coffee at every stage in the chain, in order to achieve excellence, from plant to cup.

The SCA is represented all over the world. In Switzerland, the association’s interests are represented by the SCA Schweiz. Its mission is to promote coffee in Switzerland according to a number of criteria relating to quality and ethics. It also coordinates its actions with the other SCA member countries.

This association is responsible for marking many milestones in the arena of speciality coffee.


The certification preparation course trains participants for the 19 tests that await them!

These numerous tests focus on an individual’s ability to accurately and consistently taste and grade coffees according to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards and protocols, including a thorough understanding of the SCA cupping form.

Certification can be acquired in Q-Arabica or Q-Robusta, and issued by the Coffee Quality Institute.

Our roastery is Q-Arabica-certified.

The benefits
of speciality coffee


From the producer's plot to the coffee cup, the traceability of each speciality coffee is guaranteed.


The entire value-added chain is rightly valued and rewarded; this is especially true of the producer.

Small-scale production

Representing 1% of global production, speciality coffees are processed with great care. Quality is more important than quantity.

Minimum 80/100 points

The evaluation is based on the following criteria: aroma, flavour, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, uniformity and clean cup.

Unique and rare

Each speciality coffee has exceptional characteristics that give it a unique and rare profile.


Each of our speciality coffees has its own roast profile. The full flavour potential of the coffee is brought out.