Concept and values

Telling the story of the coffee and its origin adds emotional value and brings the cup of coffee to life.

Three-dimensional concept


The traceability of Perle de Café and the transparency of the entire production process are essential.

Each terroir is selected with our partner based on a story, a message or a unique characteristic.

Quality only has real meaning if it is linked to a story lived out by women and men, values and practices that we share.


Our partners are on the ground all year round, supporting the producers with their expertise: from tillage and harvesting to processing, etc.

Everything is done to optimise and bring out the full potential of each coffee. In this way, we are committed to a sustainable sourcing model: rather than use a “one-shot” approach, we are committed to building solid, long-term relationships with our producers.


We work to source very diverse terroirs with a unique story. We are looking for premium-quality cup profiles, which means we are very exacting in terms of traceability, the environmental impact and the producing communities.

Our main objective is to offer consumers a transparent product that meets their expectations.


Reducing the use of pesticides and promoting alternative agricultural practices aligns with our objectives to promote eco-friendly coffee growing which is also healthier and more profitable for producers.

Such practices are the only solutions to ensure a sustainable future for the supply chain of our Perle de Café coffee.