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Shade-grown coffee trees

The Aymara

Bolivia is a major producer of organic coffee and the first plantations in the 1950s were shade-grown coffee trees.

In 2009, external consultants came to Bolivia and pushed farmers to increase their yields by cutting down trees and using chemicals to boost production on the plots.

Today, shade growing has been completely revived. Local producers have regained hope in biodiversity.

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The Story

As global warming was already on the rise, the lack of trees used to make the work much more difficult, as the farmers would be exhausted by the sun. The cooperatives were made aware of the damage they were causing to their environment and how implementing a reforestation project would stop this negative impact.

By reforesting the plantations, the coffee trees would no longer be stressed by excessive heat and lack of water, the farmers would no longer be exposed to the direct heat of the sun and having perennial plantations would guarantee a better future for their children.

As the need was obvious, it was not difficult to convince the farmers to implement this approach, and so the Aymara project began.


Yungas is a Quechua word meaning ‘Warm Lands’. This geographical area is a forested valley in western Bolivia. A transition zone between the Andean highlands and the eastern forests, it is characterised by its warm, tropical and rainy climate.

The famous “Yungas Road”, also known as “Death Road”, links La Paz to Coroico across 80 kilometres.

Country: Bolivia
Terroir: Yungas, Aymara
Altitude: 1660m
Variety: red Catuai and Typica
Process: washed

Aromatic profile

A pure origin organic coffee from the Aymara terroir. Originating from a sustainable, reforested source, this light-bodied Arabica will delight coffee lovers who enjoy notes of caramel, lemon and cocoa.


Intensity: 4/5

Acidity: 2/5

Cupping notes




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